Money Management: Our New Personal Financial Management Tool

Money Management will be replacing FinanceWorks

We have switched from FinanceWorks to Money Management. We strongly believe that Money Management will be easy to use and help improve financial lives. Our hope is that this solution will help you to better understand and manage your finances, so you can spend less time worrying about money and more time enjoying the security and comfort it affords you. Log in to eBranch our online banking tool to see all the new and improved features Money Management has to offer!


Money Management offers:

  • The best data cleansing and categorization available
  • You the ability to see all your financial relationships in one place
  • Help with improving your financial life
  • Real-time data refresh

What is similar?

Many of the existing FinanceWorks experiences will continue to be available in Money Management, but with a completely redesigned look and feel:

  • Access from eBranch (online banking tool)
  • View outside accounts
  • Improved auto-categorization of transactions
    • New feature: Money Management includes the ability to split categories and add sub-categories 
  • Spending chart
  • Budgets
    • New feature: Money Management includes smart auto-creation of budgets based on spending history
  • Receive email alerts
    • New feature: Money Management sends text alerts as well

What do I need to know?

There are a variety of things that are being improved upon or changing within Money Management, including:

  • Access by clicking on Manage Money, then choose Money Management
  • Up to 18  months of transaction history for all accounts will be available. 
  • For security reasons, outside account login credentials will need to be entered the first time you log in
  • Money Management will auto-categorize your transaction categories
  • For more accurate budgeting, you can utilize a one-time auto-generation feature that incorporates your spending history and the Money Management auto-categorization process. Once this has been run, you can manually adjust budgets as needed.
  • Goals and alerts will need to be set up manually.