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24x7 Phone Banking

Our 24x7 Phone Banking service has been designed with you in mind. The voice prompt easily guides you through a short menu of transaction options available for you to use to make your account transactions quicker and easier.

Whether you are at home, in the office or even on vacation, you will find that our 24x7 Phone Banking service is intuitive and will simplify your life, allowing you to:

  • Check your savings, checking and loan balances
  • Review past deposits, withdrawals and loan payments
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Transfer funds to another member
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To get started, please contact a Member Services Representative at (800) 369-6628 and they will assist you with getting your access set-up. Then with a touchtone phone just call (651) 739-4182 or (800) 216-6288.

1 = Account and Loan Inquiries
      1 = Balances
      2 = History
      3 = Cleared Checks
      4 = Loans
2 = Payments, Transfers and Withdrawals
      1 = Loan Payments
      2 = Transfers
      3 = Cross-member transfers
      4 = Check withdrawals
3 = VISA Credit/Debit Card and Other Services
      1 = Switch to a Alternate Member Number
      2 = Change Access Code
0 = Speak to a Member Service Representative
4 = Disconnect