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Wire Transfers

Wire transfers are a quick and secure way to transfer money to and from your Novation account. Please utilize the following instructions when sending or receiving a wire transfer.

To receive a wire transfer, please provide the initiating institution with the following information so they can properly send the funds to your Novation account:

  • Name of institution = Novation Credit Union
  • Institution address = 500 Imperial Ave, Oakdale, MN 55128
  • Institution phone number = (800) 369-6628
  • Routing number = 296076068
  • Member number & Account number (you will find this on your statement)
    • Must be in this format = xxxxxx-1 (Savings) or xxxxxx-6 (Checking)

For those looking to send a wire transfer from their Novation account, contact us by either phone or secure message to begin the process. Please note, you will need to provide the following details about the destination you are sending the funds to:
  • Name of institution 
  • Institution address
  • Routing number
  • Account owner name
  • Account owner address
  • Account owner account number 
  • SWIFT code (international wires only)
  • IBAN code (international wires only)
  • Currency; if other than U.S. dollars (international wires only)

Our wire transfer fees are listed on our Fee Schedule.