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Communication Center (secure email):

For your protection and privacy, simply log in to eBranch and choose Support in the upper right corner to send your questions and comments through the Communication Center. These will be submitted to us over our secure server.

General Inquiries:

IMPORTANT: This email is not encrypted. Please do not send any personal or account information, such as member number or social security number.

Phone: (800) 369-6628
Fax: (651) 739-0648

To report your Debit card lost or stolen:
 (866) 541-2711

To report your Credit card lost or stolen:
 (866) 583-4050

For Change of Address :

Simply log in to eBranch and choose My Settings to update your Contact Information.

Other Information:  

To apply for a loan 24x7, call (800) 369-6628.

Contact Us