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Financial Education

Novation is excited to partner with Life. Money. You.® to help you get the tools you need to improve your personal finances. Watch for them to join Novation at select 3M plant locations to
bring you the awareness and tools to help you succeed financially.  



As one of the most important facets of personal finance, budgeting should not be frightening. In fact, if you get the hang of it, it can be simple and even enjoyable!

No matter what your financial situation is, we think everyone should be able to create a budget.

By embracing budgeting, you have already taken the first step towards financial empowerment. It's important to keep in mind that the simplest way to budget is to focus on understanding your income and expenses, creating reasonable targets and consistently monitoring your progress.

Personal Savings Rate
The Personal Savings Rate is the percentage of disposable income that individuals or households save each month. It can significantly affect long-term financial stability and financial well-being and it is a crucial indicator of financial health. Because of the way it can affect long- term financial goals, the Personal Savings Rate is significant for a number of reasons.

Although the Personal Savings Rate is a crucial indicator of financial well-being, it can be challenging for people to sustain high savings rates over the long run. However, there are many ways individuals and households can raise their Personal Savings Rate over time. Creating a budget and keeping track of expenses can help find areas to cut back on spending and save more money. Additionally, looking for higher paying employment opportunities or launching a side hustle might boost earnings, placing that additional income into savings. Also, people can save money without having to think about it by setting up automatic payments that are directed to savings or retirement accounts.
The Personal Savings Rate is a crucial indicator of financial health and can have a big impact on long-term prosperity and stability. Individuals and households can build emergency reserves, save for retirement, pay off debt, and obtain financial flexibility by prioritizing savings and employing tactics to improve their Personal Savings Rate.


Credit Score

Check out this video on how to raise your credit score.